Transform Abrams Padel into the global reference factory in the manufacture of padel and beach tennis rackets.


Create products with high technical and aesthetic performance for the enjoyment of the player as well as helping to evolve the industry.


At ABRAMS PADEL, we put in the hands of our clients the necessary tools to obtain an optimal final product within the highest quality standards.
  • Consulting on the creation and production of your product
  • Design of rackets, molds, accessories, and complementss
  • Manufacture of padel rackets
  • Manufacture of beach tennis rackets
  • Logistic service, door-to-door service
At ABRAMS PADEL we stand out for our development and innovation. Our philosophy is to only collaborate with suppliers of the highest quality in the sector, JOINTLY DEVELOPING NEW FABRICS, RESINS OR OTHER MATERIALS EXCLUSIVELY INTENDED FOR OUR MANUFACTURING. We are proud to have introduced important patented technological innovations, using new processes and materials in a CONSTANT evolution in the manufacturing industry of Padel and Beach Tennis rackets.
Fiber Glass
Fiberglass is the most commonly used raw material in the padel industry. It has less resistance than carbon or kevlar, but greater flexibility, providing the racket with great control of the hits
Carbon is one of our favorite materials for racket manufacturing, providing great power when hitting. WE USE DIFFERENT WEIGHTS, WEAVES, AND YARNS, SUCH AS PLAIN, TWILL, 1K, 3K, 12K, 24K...
Special Carbons
With different technical characteristics than the rest of the carbon, these special fabrics have different weaves and dyes, to give them a different aesthetic and playing characteristics
Epoxy resin
Epoxy resin is the material that allows the union of the different components of the racket, giving it a homogeneous appearance
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